Art; my love!

The image

I have found a new love. No not myself, but art. As my senior year started I was excited to start art; I had no idea I would be so in love. Our first big project had been stated and after having had no real art teacher and finally getting one I was ecstatic. The project was to find a photo of yourself blow it up and draw a self portrait. I scurried home and narrowed it down to the photo on top and in about a week and a half my masterpiece was complete. I titled it ‘Elements of Soul”.

Halfway point

close up

The End!


One response to “Art; my love!

  1. You did greatt at this piece of work !…nice composition and theme name too “elements of soul” I deem this to be very mystifying && intriguing!!….keep it up && ps I look forward to seeing your sketches on chanel iman soon 🙂 hehe

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