R.I.P To O !!

Originality is dead!
Matter of fact it’s dying for some; dead for many ; alive for few. Is your originality dead? Look on the trains, busses, bus stops, and classrooms. Do you see “pink” sweats, polo boots, and ?All of the same kind and style worn in the same way;monotone attire!

Originality has been slaughtered! Is being murdered in mass camps by mass media and uniform minds. Conformity controls it! Yes yes it’s all about the swag! Yet is it really swag if damn near all your friends do it the same? Are you original? Do you feel unique when you leave the crib spotting your best? Or are you comfortable doing you ’cause you know what’s in your closet?

Originality is dead! Maybe for you but most definitely not for me cause for me originality lives!


The mask!

We all wear them!

No this post isn’t referring to a Jim Carrey film. No it isn’t humorous. It is actually rather sad. It is that we walk around in a never ending masquerade. Often we interact but rarely do we interact with each others’ true selves. How often do we quickly judge based on appearance: name brand clothes, smell, friends and other factors who a person really is? How often do we present ourselves as how we want others to perceive us and not how we really are? Of course there are many reasons that factor into our masks including fear of acceptance; of mockery; of hurt. It takes patience to learn and accept people for who they really are. So, don’t be so quick to judge a mask! Find out what is under the mask. Peel off the layers which is often found on peoples’ faces in today’s society. Learn to judge people for themselves and not for who they present in public; in the mass masquerade.

The little tree that could!

the little tree that could

In the blistering sub-20 degree weather this tree thrives. Through the cigarette and weed filled path that connect Medgar Evers College to the high school it is an everlasting reminder of hope. If this little tree can survive through such harsh conditions why is it that you can’t? Just like the little engine thought it could and did, just like this little tree thought it could and did, why can’t u think you can and do?


Is ambition rare? I don’t think so. I believe it is the follow through; the ability for people to persevere despite obstructions that is rare. Ambition isn’t rare; the ability to hurdle the problems to reach goals are! I have goals and have been striving towards them since I were born. I have reached, bled, cried, and perspired to reach them. Starting is half the battle don’t wait until it’s three years too late. Plan from now to reach where you want to get and hurdle over the obstacles and if you can’t alone reach out to someone for help.

February Lovers

For shame
they say that lovers
are blind, but we
only choose to see each other.
The warmth of your ___ is what smothers
me and causes the
cold heat of February lovers.
If only we were
still ignorant as
when we were
babes just months ago with out rebirth.
As you were born
and I were born
on this grand day
known as the -anniversary.
It is not my fault
that I am so selfish
you have given me your
all and I have never had to share
so why should I start now
I would cry as you would cry
lack of normality and my soul leaks it’s blood
through my eyes
I bleed for you.