The mask!

We all wear them!

No this post isn’t referring to a Jim Carrey film. No it isn’t humorous. It is actually rather sad. It is that we walk around in a never ending masquerade. Often we interact but rarely do we interact with each others’ true selves. How often do we quickly judge based on appearance: name brand clothes, smell, friends and other factors who a person really is? How often do we present ourselves as how we want others to perceive us and not how we really are? Of course there are many reasons that factor into our masks including fear of acceptance; of mockery; of hurt. It takes patience to learn and accept people for who they really are. So, don’t be so quick to judge a mask! Find out what is under the mask. Peel off the layers which is often found on peoples’ faces in today’s society. Learn to judge people for themselves and not for who they present in public; in the mass masquerade.


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