R.I.P To O !!

Originality is dead!
Matter of fact it’s dying for some; dead for many ; alive for few. Is your originality dead? Look on the trains, busses, bus stops, and classrooms. Do you see “pink” sweats, polo boots, and ?All of the same kind and style worn in the same way;monotone attire!

Originality has been slaughtered! Is being murdered in mass camps by mass media and uniform minds. Conformity controls it! Yes yes it’s all about the swag! Yet is it really swag if damn near all your friends do it the same? Are you original? Do you feel unique when you leave the crib spotting your best? Or are you comfortable doing you ’cause you know what’s in your closet?

Originality is dead! Maybe for you but most definitely not for me cause for me originality lives!


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