Soul Seasoning

Soul Seasons
The seasons flow bold
and relationships fold
they alter; they flourish- if nourished
they change like the seasons
for numerous reasons

There is the season of spring
the season of growth
where everything is new
and therefore everything is good
and it smells sweet
and it is sweet
because there is no decay
its all about play

Then comes the heat
the season that is summer
when everything is steamy
so close -damn near dreamy
everything is on a roll
and EVERYTHING is hot not cold

In creeps the Fall
the end of the ball
the season where decay begins to crawl
and so blindsided are you by the leaving heat
you fail to realize the leaves done “dipped”
the colors the hues
of the trees sing your blues
and yet you fail to realize
that death has arrived!

Wicked Winter comes quick
because you’ve allowed Fall to creep
and theres hardly turning back
when you’ve reached winter’s steps
and its cold and its bitter
and souls freeze over
and even the memories from summers heat
fail to melt “icicled” souls
the past seems something ancient rather old

Yes the seasons are a cycle
and friends are the same
but how many have your recycled
how many have reached spring again??


The audacity of friendship

Quite simply b.s
that is the audacity of friendship
it ripens; it falls; it withers –
it is reborn
eternally recyclable.

The audacity of friendship is the audacity of trust
of an incomplete soul for the full
you will never know
and yet the audacity is naivety
because you jump in head first expecting to be caught.

The audacity of friendship is innocence
virginal, dove-white-pure!
It is love, it is stupidity and it is jokes shared.
Memories unfurling :naked
full of tears and smiles
that is the audacity of friendship!
The audacity of friendship is the audacity of the unknown-
the worst kind of audacity; the audacity of the unknown.

The Brains are Coming!!

So I’m gettting a tour of Cornell University and we walk through the psychology department. Coach is ecstatic to show me something “cool”. What is it?? Brains!

The Brains!

I am beside myself with fascination. My mind reels because it is shocked. Brains in glass jars float inside; remnants/ sacrifices of people to the art of psychology! What would inspire someone to sacrifice their brain?Supposedly one female wanted hers donated in order for a great specimen of female brain to be available for research. Still, why? Is it the feel that after death your brain is not needed? But though I can not possibly fathom what experiences in life urged these individuals to donate and even sacrifice their brains it has served a greater good, and for that I am thankful. Without these sacrifices where would modern medicine or even psychology be?

Those things which are precious are saved only by sacrifice.”- David Kenyon
-Or in this case allowed to be elaborated and understood better because of sacrifice. What sacrifices have you made to better yourself and others?

Use your brain!


Mental or physical? What seduces you?

What is it that seduces?
Long limber limbs-
toned thighs-
or colored eyes?

What is it that seduces?
lucious lips-
tainted pink-
or sweet lies?

What is it that seduces?
thick thighs-
bold bodies-
or tender curves?

What is it that seduces-you?
Is it body or mind?
Ripe fruit you bite into
spilling juice upon your thighs?
Eyes bright- deer caught in headlights!
And soul in shock
tectonic plates rub and it quivers;