The Brains are Coming!!

So I’m gettting a tour of Cornell University and we walk through the psychology department. Coach is ecstatic to show me something “cool”. What is it?? Brains!

The Brains!

I am beside myself with fascination. My mind reels because it is shocked. Brains in glass jars float inside; remnants/ sacrifices of people to the art of psychology! What would inspire someone to sacrifice their brain?Supposedly one female wanted hers donated in order for a great specimen of female brain to be available for research. Still, why? Is it the feel that after death your brain is not needed? But though I can not possibly fathom what experiences in life urged these individuals to donate and even sacrifice their brains it has served a greater good, and for that I am thankful. Without these sacrifices where would modern medicine or even psychology be?

Those things which are precious are saved only by sacrifice.”- David Kenyon
-Or in this case allowed to be elaborated and understood better because of sacrifice. What sacrifices have you made to better yourself and others?

Use your brain!


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