Soul Seasoning

Soul Seasons
The seasons flow bold
and relationships fold
they alter; they flourish- if nourished
they change like the seasons
for numerous reasons

There is the season of spring
the season of growth
where everything is new
and therefore everything is good
and it smells sweet
and it is sweet
because there is no decay
its all about play

Then comes the heat
the season that is summer
when everything is steamy
so close -damn near dreamy
everything is on a roll
and EVERYTHING is hot not cold

In creeps the Fall
the end of the ball
the season where decay begins to crawl
and so blindsided are you by the leaving heat
you fail to realize the leaves done “dipped”
the colors the hues
of the trees sing your blues
and yet you fail to realize
that death has arrived!

Wicked Winter comes quick
because you’ve allowed Fall to creep
and theres hardly turning back
when you’ve reached winter’s steps
and its cold and its bitter
and souls freeze over
and even the memories from summers heat
fail to melt “icicled” souls
the past seems something ancient rather old

Yes the seasons are a cycle
and friends are the same
but how many have your recycled
how many have reached spring again??


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