The 7: Lust

Lust: an intense sexual desire or an intense longing.

It is a spark.
Sometimes rather dark.
It is sleazy- deep
It is intense;
It is dangerous;

The spark slithers
like a snake
tongue forked
tongue out
tongue wet
tongue inside
tongue of fire
no longer a spark
it’ll engulf your soul
and devour you whole-

Skin against skin
your body quakes
for the games to begin
and your mind may hesitate
but your will breaks
as your imagination runs
body on fire
soul pleading for desire
there is no torture as sick
as this
this sinful need
almost greed
more games
more pleasure
almost pain;


Life’s Pursuit

The pursuit of happiness
is the American right
yet it puts up a fight
consistent strife
that is the story of my life
my life’s pursuit escapes:
happiness,elation, joy, euphoria
label it as you may
without it the hole in your life will gape
my life’s pursuit is happiness
simple?- or so you say
it eludes
repeatedly and it is beat out
continuously by fate
and of course hate
but of course i refuse to stray
because the bliss
is supreme
rather sublime
lets dine
lets feast
like monsters all fangs
tear at the darkness
and explode through ; BANG!
Take it!
Chain it!
Keep it!