Sometimes I feel like screaming
but it’s muffled deep in my soul
I am drowning
suffocated by life
why am I still striving??

everyday it’s the same damn struggle
fight fight
but the tears rarely fall
and sometimes I parade
smile on it’s all a ball
right? right…

shudder with chuckles
at their forced sincerities
while they spit wicked words
behind your back weighed down
already with their words
and your world
so you laugh it off -ha ha

bone chilling ear splitting scream
at their lies
and pseudo smiles
their daggers deep between you spine
but never let them see you bleed
rather come through the line all grins
who really has the win ? 🙂


3 responses to “Screaming!

  1. Hi there!!! I LOVE that screaming picture you have here, so much that I used it as the Art Work for a DubStep song I made recently on the website I associated with this comment. Recently I’ve been contacted by a friend of mine to feature that song on his Record Label for Independant Artists and Single Releases. We were wondering if we could use this image as my Single: “Ruptured EarDrums DubStep by RypeDub (2010)”. We of course will give you full credit of the artwork. Please email me as soon as you can in regards to this matter 😀

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