:) smiles

Fake smile
half smile
smile that barely gets to your eyes type
mask on
show on
show off your skills type
fresh with it
barely let it show
shove down remorse shove down emotion
fear non existant type
pain translucent
emotions dressed up with it
layered up behind
layers upon layers of coal type
cement brick black
to the core with it
shivering dripping
slithering blackness
so dark it’s not even there pain
who’s in
who’s out with it
is it even possible to claw it out?
well is it?


Mentally Slipping

It’s as if my mind is on ice
feet slippin’
brain trippin’
attempting to get a grip
because small things
are becoming big
and my mind is burying
everything; itself
in other things that
may or may not seem senseless
but they are full of sense
in the sense that they are distractions
to keep from imploding
keep everything from exploding
dam breaking
tears flooding out
in an attempt to release
pressure from the river that is my soul…
my mind is slippin’
and no one really knows