Replugged Soul

My soul is dead
I detached it from my brain
that is why i feel naught
what it expresses
yet somehow i slipped up
and slipped the cord in
forgetting that it would make me feel
and with shit i just can’t deal
I slipped up
and slipped in a puddle of emotions
that turned out to be a pool
that turned out to be a ocean
i slipped up and drowned in my emotions
thinking about what was
My soul is dead again
and i will try my best to keep it that way
no slip ups
no remakes
no digging up
a dirty soul
i need a cleansing- soul??
but then i must acknowledge that i have a filthy soul
go through emotions that i’d rather fold
up in a filthy pretty little box
put in a casket and
in another metal box then and only then will
i seal the filth in a vault
throw it into the ocean of time and forget about it.
My soul is dead
unplugged from my head
I would rather not feel
I would rather think
because when your soul hurts
your heart breaks
and your eyes tear
but when your brain hurts
you pop some pills and go to sleep
My soul is dead.
I’ve unplugged it from my head.