How you’ve been?

How are you?
How have you been?
Does your soul cringe when it thinks of me?
How are you how have you been ?
Does your chest pain when it remembers me?
How are you how have you been do your palms sweat when it feels me?
PAUSE breath and tell me really
how are you?
how have you been?
fine fine?
have u buried memories deep
or do you caress those that tickle the back of your mind late at night
when they rise from their coffins and damask cells
to torture and fill your soul with fright?
beautiful fright…
how are you and how have you been
remembering the pain and remembering the pleasure
that you’ve attempted to hide behind deceitful smiles
and new acquaintances that don’t and can’t measure up
to what you’ve known and admit it that’s something you won’t
confess to wanting
and they’ll never quite understand
your sick and twisted fate…..
or your sick and twisted needs….
How are you?
How have you been?
Dead you say?