It’s funny how people claim to know you
when in fact they don’t know shit
It’s even funnier how people test you
when in fact you’re not even taking their test
you’re distracting yourself
from the bullshit
and all the rest
simply focusing on being the best
it’s hilarious that you are completely
shut off from people… “friends”
yet you’re still accused of blasphemous acts
should you be too busy to care?
I laugh at how funny it is
to have your character ripped apart
torn to shreds
Yep I laugh head held high
damn me and my pride
It’s funny how you can watch
everything  you’ve built fall
apart and not shed a tear
because you’ve built walls
so high that not even shock
and pain could climb past
It’s funny how cold you can become….
Ice Queens have nothing on me
But it’s even funnier that
all that shit isn’t funny at all.


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