My Core

I am not dead
I am indifferent
Chip away
like a sculptor with a marble piece
chip chip
as cracks appear
and pieces tumble away
my core is blazing bleeding blue
I am tender I am kind

Chip away to my core-
bang bang
peel away the cover
to dip your teeth into the juicy fruit
you won’t be disappointed
just give a little push

Pound away at my doors
pound and pound
against the cold steel
of ancient barriers
that protect something deep

You want to tear down my gates
and peep into my soul??
Truth is you just aren’t bold.
To have beat and have chipped
just to take a little dip
not to know that if you set in
even your feet
would be singed
by my sinister sins….

Chip away at my soul
Chip chip
and be engulfed
by purple pain
highlighted with glitter
Chip away
taste my core
you might be surprised
or you might just die. 🙂


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