The Murder Inside

Today I did not break
Even though my leg did quake
Today my soul was battered
bashed and banged
but I did not cave in
or out….
I refused to be bested
by futile attempts of fate
to break me
because I decide
when, how , and why
and even if I don’t
I decide whether I cry
or whether I smile
and damn it
if you think you have the slightest
idea what races through my mind
let me remind you that you have no clue
of my deepest blues….
no inkling
of the things that you may find creeping
today I have chosen
not to be broken
by forces beyond my control
because I can only control me
and stick my foot down heavy
on the throat of emotions
that appear to make me seem weak
today I have placed my fingers
around the neck of pain
of my weakness and my fear
caressing it gently
and faintly applied pressure
til it was faint no more
and squeezed til it was
there not at all.


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