Educate Yourself or Silence Yourself

So i’ve watched patiently as the rage and war against racism has riled up a few of you on here rather most of you on here are so surprised “my golly racism exists”!! Well here’s some facts for you, black people are the minority, and no that does not give them the right to be bullied but it is life and it happens. You live in a majority black neighborhood and due to your lack of incentive to read or learn about anything else have deluded yourself into thinking that when you step out of your bubble all the same rules apply outside. You’re wrong. You’ll 99% have to work twice as hard just to even be noticed or praised and I’m not talking about athletics. If you want another perspective here are some things you can read
1.The Color blind Emporer Has no clothes”
2.”White Privilege and Male Privilege”*
*educate yourself or silence yourself


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