Blue Eyes

I look deep
but you avoid my gaze
like a reflex
as if pulling your hand
off a hot pot
you cringe unconsciously
curl inward
and your eyes search the floor
for hiding spots
but there is nowhere
to hide from my intrusive sight.

I look deep.
I look long
and your defenses fall-
and you look up-
and expose all the blue
in your eyes.
I see specks of blue so deep
and dark they make corners in hell jealous.
Specks of blue so harsh
they rip lines through your irises

I see blue bleak
hiding truths deep
and pain too intense
to realize, but your caramel eyes
cannot cover up the blue waters
that battle and crash
against your eyelids
begging for release.
But you are too strong
to break down
but I’m too smart
to believe your lies
and yes I do see the blue in your eyes
and you realize
blink quick
and hide them
with one of your favorite lies
“I’m fine.”
and you smile.


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