The Moon is Out Tonight

We are lover under the moon,
for no matter where we are
we share the same view.
But tonight we share that view
as two;
you behind me
and me on you.
We stare up in admiration
at what we will never have
but you in the shadow
grasp at what is now.
I feel heat on my neck
as your tongue presses
and is soon followed by your lips
and you pull me close
as we hide in the shadow
caressing the darkness
of passion within our souls
and soon we are face to face
our lips pressed in an explosion of blissful pain
knowing that we may never share
this view as two again.

You open up to me
and my tongue slides in…
searching for some truth
in you that you love me.
But in all my haste
I have gotten lost in the heat
and you have trapped me
and refuse to let me go.
We battle,
me digging deep
and you holding tight,
as you rise
and time flies
but all I find is lies
and that your arms are not mine
and your heart beat although I feel it
it does not synchronize with mine.
You pull down my shirt and expose me to the stars
searching for sweet nectar
but you are not a god.
You pull and I collapse
for our dance has fatigued me.
This tango of wanting
but knowing that I shouldn’t have
and shouldn’t take.

The moon is out tonight
and so are we.
Lips swollen from heat-
bodies hotter than solar flares-
souls laid bare-
tongues fully tasted-
moonlight exploited!
The moon is out tonight
and we are no more.


The 7: Lust

Lust: an intense sexual desire or an intense longing.

It is a spark.
Sometimes rather dark.
It is sleazy- deep
It is intense;
It is dangerous;

The spark slithers
like a snake
tongue forked
tongue out
tongue wet
tongue inside
tongue of fire
no longer a spark
it’ll engulf your soul
and devour you whole-

Skin against skin
your body quakes
for the games to begin
and your mind may hesitate
but your will breaks
as your imagination runs
body on fire
soul pleading for desire
there is no torture as sick
as this
this sinful need
almost greed
more games
more pleasure
almost pain;


Mental or physical? What seduces you?

What is it that seduces?
Long limber limbs-
toned thighs-
or colored eyes?

What is it that seduces?
lucious lips-
tainted pink-
or sweet lies?

What is it that seduces?
thick thighs-
bold bodies-
or tender curves?

What is it that seduces-you?
Is it body or mind?
Ripe fruit you bite into
spilling juice upon your thighs?
Eyes bright- deer caught in headlights!
And soul in shock
tectonic plates rub and it quivers;